NeuTab® N7 Pro 7'' Review

Looking for an inxpensive tablet PC with excellent features ?? or looking for a tablet for your kids ?? or looking for tablet that can handle media?? if so, you can consider to buy the NeuTab® N7 Pro 7''. This tablet has everything you need.. It comes with Android 4.4 KITKAT OS and powered by awesome quad core processor, paired with 512 MB of RAM, it will make all applications launched quickly and you can play various games smoothly.

This tablet has Built-in Bluetooth feature so you can easily connect other hardwares like speakers, keyboard or other bluetooth-capabled devices so it also great for multimedia purpose. With wireless feature, you have freedom to connect to the Internet wirelessly.

What about internal storage.. hey.. this device has 8GB storage.. and it enough to download thousands of free applications from Google Play Store.. If you feel, this storage is too small, you can upgrade via Extenal memory, supports up to 32GB so you can save more files, songs, videos, photos, and much more.

Once you hold this tablet and connect o the Internet via Wireless, you will get unlimited entertaiment.. Enjoy various musics, TV shows, trailers or full movies in Youtube, read magazine and books, Android applicationm, etc. Especially with its high resolution 1024X600 Display that delivers rich graphics, real colors and crisp text.

Accoding to some users, the N7 Pro 7inch has very good battery life.. and it can last of 3 or 4 hours for average use, while for camera, it has dual camera for catch photos or video chat with families or friends.


This is very good tablet and has many positive feedbacks from users and most of them are very satisfied with the quality of it.. Don't compare this tablet with the Apple iPad or Galaxy Tab because they already have big name but look at it features and prices. you can get and enjoy everything and tou can't go wrong..